Going Over The Top. . .

Calais Migrant Solidarity

For the past two weeks, the French state has slowly but surely been evicting, clearing and levelling a large swathe of the Jungle camp, in turn creating a stretch of “no man’s land” between the highway to the port and the residents of the Jungle. Adding to the already bleak, militaristic landscape of razor wired fences, the permanent prescence of police and smog billowing from the surrounding factories; jungle residents now find themselves behind 10ft embankments of sand and rubble, reminiscent of World War I trench warfare.

no mans land

Yesterday, at approximately 13:00 there was an attempt at a “dougar”, or traffic jam at a number of points along the port bypass. A small number of trucks were stopped, but those involved were quickly dispersed with stun grenades, pepper spray and baton blows. Having restored traffic circulation, the police decided to exact its revenge on the general population of the camp –…

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