Cornelius Castoriadis – Neither resignation nor archaism

Greek Left Review

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Conversation with Alexis Libaert and Philippe Petit.
Posted in “L ‘Evenement du jeudi” 21 to 17 December 1995 under the title: «Ni” Esprit “ni Bourdieu: les intellos entre l’ archaisme et la fuite».

You did not sign the two texts that were released on the occasion of the Juppe plan [1]. Why?

The first (the one proposed by Esprit) denounced the Juppe plan, apart from some theoretical concerns, and it was unacceptable for me. The second (known as list Bourdieu) was imbued with the jargon of the traditional Left and invoked “Democracy” – what democracy? – as if there simply is a “democratic” solution to the enormous problems posed today. A mixture of archaism and flight.

How do you judge the position of the traditional Left regarding this social movement?

Both the political left and the trade unions have demonstrated their emptiness once again. They had nothing to…

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