International Workshop on Rosa Luxemburg held in Berlin (6-7 March 2015)


On 6-7 March, a workshop was held at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin. Participants  from around the world gathered to discuss recent publications on Luxemburg, especially the sixth volume of her Complete Works in German and the first volume of her Complete Works in English. The workshop focussed on Luxemburg’s ideas on (and experiences of) revolution, under the heading of a quote from one of her letters: “the revolution is magnificent, everything else is bilge!”


Participants included Annelies Laschitza, Jörn Schütrumpf, Peter Hudis, Wladislaw Hedeler, Holger Politt, Evelin Wittich, Florian Weis, Tanja Storlokken, Ottokar Luban, Pablo Slavin, Rory Castle, Kate Evans, Jürgen Hensel and Julia Killet.

The workshop concluded with a fascinating tour of the Berlin sites associated with Rosa Luxemburg, led by Claudia von Gélieu.

A full programme can be found (in English and German) at:

You can purchase the latest volumes here: (German) and (English)


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